Visualisation and animation

Visualisation and animation



Contemporary, appealing representations and animations are a decisive factor in product and architectural visualisation. They enable potential customers and product developers to experience and feel their plans and ideas at an early stage.

On a very concrete level, you get an impression of how your product or building looks in various contexts, sceneries and staffages. Conceptual, illustrative or photorealistic representations are created in close coordination with your wishes and needs. These can also be experienced as AR, VR or computer applications.

Range of services

2D to 3D - Modeling
2D and 3D rendering
2D and 3D animations
360° panorama
Real-time 3D engine
Virtual Reality
Augmented reality
Digital walk-in rooms

Model representation

Goldschnitt creates and designs your individual, detailed 3D model from your plans, 2D or CAD data.
Conceptual presentation
Goldschnitt accompanies you in every phase of the project. First illustrative and graphic visualisations of your object in scenery and staffage provide early impressions of the product.

Realistic representation

A realistic representation of your object in scenery and staffage enables you to evaluate the planned haptics, aesthetics and functionality at an early stage.

Photorealistic representation

Goldschnitt provides you with a photo-realistic representation of your product or object in scenery and staffage.

Photo composition

Showing off your photorealistic object: Goldschnitt places your object in real image and video material.

Virtual Reality

Digital walk-in rooms and assessable views:
Your property is visualised as a realistic 360° panorama.

Augmented reality

Do you need a presentation of your object for a meeting? Use new technologies and make your object come alive.

RealTime 3D Engine

Verify your plans and get first impressions through small navigable applications for your individual virtual tour. This creates a first feeling for the object, space and light.

Product visualisation

Concepts for hardware and control elements can be impressively staged and highlighted in different perspectives. Colour and material studies give you a range of possible representations.