Process and factory automation

Festo SE & Co. KG

#Process automation
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The demands on modern companies are constantly changing. The balancing act between economic success and sustainable production must be mastered. A digital infrastructure and well thought-out digital products pave the way.

Goldschnitt supports Festo in various areas and fields of application in the development of digital products and strategies. In close cooperation with various departments of Festo SE & Co. KG, a uniform icon language, brand-compliant user interfaces and animated splash screens were created.

Every interaction users have with a brand can determine its success in the long term. With countless different points of contact between a user and the Festo brand, it is even more crucial to create a consistent brand experience. Therefore, an icon language was developed that conveys the clarity and quality of Festo across departments and provides the user with a consistent brand experience.

The number of digital products and applications is constantly increasing. In a digitalised world, the quality of these applications is the deciding factor in whether a company remains competitive in the long term. A consistent visual appearance creates a recognition value, differentiates own products and conveys a promise of quality.

Image source: Festo SE & Co. KG