Industry meets perfect usability

Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA



The increasing automation and continuous networking of plants and components promise more efficiency, productivity, individualisation and sustainability in machine and plant construction.

Information and functions must be visualised and arranged centrally, clearly and comprehensibly for the user. Only in this way can the user maintain an overview of measurement data and statuses, operate the machine without errors and react quickly and efficiently at all times.

Goldschnitt developed a coherent, clear icon system for the Voith company that corresponds to the brand.

Clear coding and easily understandable display concepts are essential factors in visual design. Colour gradations and combinations must be selected in such a way that users with colour vision impairments are also able to operate applications easily and safely.

The linking of physical components with digital control units and sensors generates large amounts of data. The evaluation and structuring of these values is the key to increasing efficiency, productivity and sustainability in mechanical and plant engineering.

Graphical controls are a crucial component of the usability of an application. The correct use, form and consistent presentation of UI elements convey not only quality features but also security and seriousness of the software product.